Get HIP and HIVE on


Maya Bella Kailua is buzzing with creativity! The HIVE, a new, members-only workspace housed in Maya Bella, is a haven for entrepreneurs who dare to #workdifferent and cross-pollinate with other Hawai‘i innovators. HIVE’s mission is to help small businesses, entrepreneurs and freelancers bloom.

“Our focus is to provide value to our members, their businesses and their successes,” shares Kameron Ketcham, HIVE co-founder/creative director.


HIVE’s Hawaii Incubator Project (HIP) will provide $60,000 in sponsorships to 35 qualified members. Sponsorships include mentors, coaches, room rentals, marketing collateral and membership discounts. To apply, visit:

Learn more about what’s abuzz in Kailua online:

Photos courtesy the HIVE