Saffron James at Global Village- Kailua

There is something about finding the perfect scent to fit your personality that makes a woman feel confident, sexy, and feminine. So when I found the Saffron James Parfum collection at Global Village, I was ecstatic. It was the perfect combination of elegant packing, a variety of scents that fit my every mood, and scents I found appropriate for every Hawaiian occasion. Because it gets so hot and humid here, some perfumes tend to be too heavy for my taste, and other scents come off as too tropical and fruity. Saffron James has found a unique harmony between maintaing elegance with a playful tropical touch.

Born and raised on the island of Hawai’i, local girl Kate Growney introduced her perfume line to the world almost three years ago. With scents inspired by the exotic flowers of Hawaii, the collection of perfumes captures elegance in a bottle.  Made from essential oils, Saffron James Parfums have no parabens or preservatives, making it as close to natural as possible.

As the designer of this collection, Kate gave each scent dedicated research. Learning from Desoto Brown from the Bishop Museum, she gained knowledge on how the flowers became introduce or if they were endemic to the Hawaiian islands and what their cultural use was.


Scents like Le’a, which is inspired by a warm day at the beach carries hints of delicate flowers such as pink and white plumeria and hibiscus, and citrusy pineapple, passion fruit flower notes. A lighthearted scent perfect for the day.

A heavier scent perfect for fall or the evenings would be the Ume perfume. Described as “hip and a little sassy”, this perfume carries notes of Ginger, Waterlily, Gardneia, Yuzu fruit, and Mousse de Chene (an oak moss oil).

Looking for a great Christmas find, or in search for your perfect scent? Stop into Global Village, 539 Kailua Rd. Suite #104. #808-262-8183

Lacy Matsumoto