Editor’s Letter



As we venture into the holiday season and New Year, it’s always a time to reflect and, hopefully, come up..

Spring Dreams

There truly is no place like Kailua. Our unique beach town is a destination for many, but it’s the place..

A Fresh Look

Kailuans who can’t get enough fun in the sun, this issue is for you. We’re living up to our name..

A Fresh Look

Trekking back and forth over the Pali each workday had become a grind, and along with the stresses of day-to-day..

The Good Life

It seems there’s no limit to the joy of living the good life in Kailua. While chatting with longtime Kailua..

Summer Musings

One could wax poetic about the azure seas and puffy cloud-dotted skies, friendly, smiling faces enjoying the balmy summer breezes..

Talk of the Town!

At this time of year, spring fever hits Kailuans like a pleasant epidemic. Everyone’s out spending the fresh, breezy trade..