Arts & Culture


Come Play!

Paliku Arts Festival plants the seeds of artistic expression. Talk about dreams coming true, and Windward Community College’s arts festival..

For the Record

Demitri Marmash’s Artemis Audio keeps the music playing. As Taylor Rice of local punk/ska/reggae band SMITZ plucks the bass along..

Point of View

Artist Geoff Lee: making a living doing what he loves. If your Christmas collection happens to include one of Geoff..

Point of View

Get to know Karen Kiefer’s artist life, Kailua style. Tucked in the back corner of a narrow pipe-stem street, nestled..

No Limits

Sultry vocalist Erin Smith of The Throwdowns is venturing out—on legs of her own. The crowd may have thinned a..

Rock Steady

As Kailua continues to grow and adapt concurrently with today’s economic climate, and the influx of visitors eager to experience..

Point of View

Frank Oliva’s works of art are vibrant, whimsical and full of color—a reflection of his life and travels, as well..

Artful Illumination

Mark Chai brings light to life. Celestial orbs… luminous cocoons… however you choose to describe Kailua artist Mark Chai’s hanging..

The Eyes Have It

The world of art, with its air of mystique, can give off a stuffy elitism, unless you’re the down-to-earth duo—Jill..