The Grape Escape


Stop by to try some fresh, locally fermented wine, and let Bryon Crowther and Marshall Zeigler guide you from creation to consumption.

New to Kailua, the Las Vegas duo purchased Oeno Winemaking this past August. The partners came to Hawai‘i last May to look for a business to run. Zeigler has experience in the hospitality industry and Crowther brings financial expertise.

When they found Oeno Winemaking—named after the Roman goddess who could transform anything to wine— they did a wine tasting and offered to buy the business on the spot. They saw it for the unique business that it was, and how it was well placed in Kailua.

A marked change from the big-city desert life in Las Vegas, Kailua had everything they were looking for. Being in the U.S. was important, and Kailua offers a strong, diverse clientele interested in wine.

The pair exudes an energetic quality of the entrepreneurial spirit. And yet, pouring a few glasses of wine and sitting down changes the mood. Wine is for savoring and enjoyment, and just having some to swirl in a glass and taste is a reminder of that. The shop’s comfortable space, with high ceilings and walls decorated with local art, offers a friendly setting for a party with friends.

Owners Marshall Zeigler and Bryon Crowther

Owners Marshall Zeigler and Bryon Crowther

Neighboring Kailua Town Pub & Grill, Oeno Winemaking allows you to bottle your own wines. You start with a selection of grape juice, oak and other ingredients, and Oeno guides you through to a finished product. The process ends after six to eight weeks with a party on site, so that you and your friends can enjoy your creation, as well as cork, seal and label it. Feel free to visit, with a reservation, Wednesdays through Sundays.

Oeno has a rotating selection of wines for tasting, and even is branching out into the more intensive process of brewing beer once they’ve gotten all the equipment set up. The shop draws business from military families and local residents from many walks of life, and the rest of O‘ahu isn’t too far away.

The variety of ingredients means that many return customers are eager to try something different, and the selection is a worldly one.

“We offer something no one else does: ingredients from all over the world, the grape skins and mash, the grape juice and oak,” says Zeigler. The ingredients are “from every corner of the world, from South Africa and Australia to Europe and America.”

Oeno Winemaking
26 Ho‘olai St.