Arts & Culture

For the Record

By Christina O'Connor

Demitri Marmash’s Artemis Audio keeps the music playing. As Taylor Rice of local punk/ska/reggae band… Continue »


Beachy Keen!

By Kathleen Wong

For Indi Ocean creator, Mia Bella Belluche, life is a sea of possibilities. Perfectly captured… Continue »


On the Rise

By Nicole Kato

A Kailua institution, Agnes’ Portuguese Bake Shop rolls with the times. For 45 years Agnes’… Continue »


Rock Steady

By go Kailua Team

Stones, geodes or crystals, Mother Nature’s candy rocks.


Sacred Sites

By Lynn Cook

The wonder of places around Kailua waiting to be discovered. The landscape of our islands… Continue »


Pledging Peace

By Nancy Usui

Martial Arts Company creates a bully-free zone. It’s hard to believe master Samuel Bishaw, Jr…. Continue »


Made in Kailua


Club Med

By Ali Resich

Find health and peace from the daily stress of life through the healing power of… Continue »


Start the Cycle

By go Kailua Team

No matter how dedicated you are to your fitness routine, sometimes doing the same old… Continue »

A Word With...

Model Citizen

By go Kailua Team

From international fashion spreads to the sidewalks of Manhattan, Michelle Vawer brings Kailua charm to… Continue »


It’s Hammer Time!

By Jack Danilewicz

The figures stood forever frozen on the scoreboard—certainly in the minds of Kailua’s Jameson White… Continue »